Technology Plus Turns 21 This Year

| Carson Ledford | Less than a minute to read

Believe it or not, Technology Plus was officially started on my birthday in 1995.  I am now 47 years old, which means that our company is 21!  Turning 21 is an important milestone in a person’s life  – they are now able to make every choice in life on their own.  It’s a new level of freedom and a time that can alter their direction in life immensely.

Technology Plus is experiencing the same excitement, freedom and challenges that come with being truly responsible for oneself.  We have spent the last 21 years as a company learning, growing, building the right framework, succeeding, failing and paying our dues to become a responsible company that can now continue to grow in the direction we choose.  Starting a company and building a customer base isn’t easy!  It has taken 21 years of the right support from staff, family, friends, mentors and customers along the way, but we have created a well-respected name for our company in the market. As our company becomes a real adult this year, we are choosing to continue to align ourselves with the choices that will better serve our customers and make a positive impact in our community.

As we blow out our candles, eat our cake and celebrate, we mostly just want to thank all of our customers that have allowed us to be a part of their journey as well.  I look forward to our continued growth and reaching the next milestone.

Happy Birthday to US!


Carson Ledford

Vice President

Carson Ledford and his wife, Sue had a vision. And they quite literally brought that vision to life and named it Technology Plus.

The rest you could say is history.

But Carson would prefer to say – the best is yet to come.

Always setting his sights on the horizon, Carson brings an infectious enthusiasm to Technology Plus. Always acting as the catalyst for growth, he always brings a positive influence to his team and everyone else around him.

Thank you for being you, Carson. Or as you would say, Hakuna Matata.

Now get back to work.

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