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Carter has some growing to do, and so does your business!


Most companies do not start business with the intent of always being the same size in 2, 5, 10 or 20 years.  Whether that expected growth is in revenue alone or also coupled with facility expansion, it is important to plan for your technology growth accordingly.  This is especially true when it comes to installing your technology infrastructure such as communications cabling.  Whether you are building a new office or renovating an existing space, installing the proper cabling infrastructure up front will save you money as you grow.


Many startup companies have limited budgets and often neglect the entire role that technology will play in their company’s growth, efficiency & profitability.  I have been advising, designing and installing technology infrastructures for over 25 years and the most common mistake I see companies make is not installing the correct cabling infrastructure up front.  I consistently hear this response; We do not need that many voice/data outlets and CAT5 should be sufficient for what we are doing.  At Technology Plus, we are not interested in I TOLD YOU SO’s, but our job as I.T. professionals is to explain the current technology and help you plan for growth.


Our advice to customers is this, plan your technology infrastructure to match your companies growth rate in accordance with your office lease or building loan terms.  If you know you will be in your office space for the next 5 to 10 years or more, than install communications cabling upfront that will support your expected growth, plus some.  There is one simple reason for this; Cost.  Not only does it cost 50-100% more to add cables to an office space after construction is complete & occupied, it also cost your company productivity.  We see 2 different things that are often skimped on in the beginning.  First, is the amount of voice/data outlets installed, second, and most important is the cabling type installed is not sufficient for newer technology and user demands.  The material cost of CAT5e cabling versus CAT6 cabling is less than 20% but the performance of CAT6 is 10x that of CAT5e.


Put that in perspective for a minute.  Where else can you get 10X more for less than 20% increase in price?  Now, if communications cabling were shoes and you could easily just purchase and put on a new pair whenever you finally outgrew the old, it may not make sense to buy more than you currently need.  This simply is not the case with cabling infrastructures that are literally built into your walls, floor and ceilings.


Our staff at Technology Plus has a strong background in the purchasing, leasing, construction, renovation and expansions of buildings and office space.  Our company also has over 22 years of expertise when it comes to designing and installing the correct communications cabling infrastructures for our customers.  If you are planning your new office space, give us a call.  Our project managers will guide you through the intricasies of planning your next move and make sure your technology solutions will grow with your company.


Kevin Bisig

Director of Communications Cabling

Kevin Bisig is a man who appreciates his craft. We love having someone who takes pride in the work that they do. A satisfying work ethic is never a bad thing, right?

Kevin might say he developed this pride after finishing up one of his first summer jobs, mowing lawns. And we’d agree, there’s nothing like kicking back, enjoying an energy drink and taking in that perfectly maintained green landscape. But, we’d also argue he has much more to be proud of working as our Cabling Director at Technology Plus. Kevin essentially keeps us and our clients connected with everyone else. Which, in our world, is pretty darn important.

When he’s not keeping the world together, Kevin can be found exploring new parts of his property. Which probably means he’s looking for something else to mow.

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