The importance of data security. It’s not an if, but a when.

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Time for a pop quiz. What one thing does every business consider to be priceless?

Did you guess data? Great job! – and stop reading ahead.

No matter how your company utilizes data, there’s no denying that its protection is vital. And while technology is the core of many companies, it’s also just like any other tool. It’s fallible. It’s only a matter of time before it inevitably breaks, malfunctions or gets hacked. This brings up a good question to consider:  What does potentially losing your data mean for your business?



Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone

Imagine there’s an architectural firm with 50 employees. And imagine it’s any given day, like any other. Except for one exception: there was a power surge in the middle of the night. As employees begin arriving, one after the other, they immediately discover the server isn’t working. You know, the same server that controls all user-access to the network, as well as all of the firm’s files. If all of the architects are billable by the hour, that would mean there are now 42 non-billable employees, as well as 8 support staff that cannot work. This single day without access will already have long-term costs alone. And that’s assuming the data on the failed server is able to be recovered at all. Imagine the impact the loss would have on this company. Now, imagine what it would have on yours.

Protect what’s yours

Protecting your data and ensuring continuous access is vital to the success of your company. Technology is never going to be a perfect tool. But the good news is that we already know this. Which means we can plan ahead by creating redundancies. They can be built into your electrical system, access control servers and data storage. We can even take things further by creating a solid cabling infrastructure, which would play an important role for getting network systems back online quickly. Remember, with data protection the key is all about being proactive.=

Let’s do this

There’s no time like the present to get started protecting your company’s data. Don’t let malware, a virus or any other possible security threat get the better of you. Simply take the first step by calling the IT source you can count on. With Technology Plus in your corner, you and your business really can rest assured. Click here to see all of the technology solutions we offer. Better yet, call us at 491-TECH to schedule a free consultation and begin protecting your company’s data today.



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