The next bad thing!

With the recent news of Princes death, it brought back memories of being at a New Year’s Eve party on 12/31/1999 dancing with many friends to his song, 1999. We were in fact, partying like it was 1999! Everyone was having a great time with not to many worries, except possibly one… Y2K. The younger […]

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One size does not fit all.

In the 21 years that Technology Plus has been in business, we have seen several changes in the way I.T. Services are delivered to SMB Market. Mostly these changes drastically affected the small business segment. In today’s economic world, almost every business MUST have technology, it is often the necessary evil. While everyone will agree […]

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It’s not you, it’s me.

So you’ve reached the point where your company needs and your I.T. vendor are no longer seeing eye-to-eye.  It happens. It’s easy for a company to outgrow their technology provider, especially when it comes to new and quickly growing businesses.  Companies often start up on a shoestring budget and therefore work with a provider that […]

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