Keep in better touch. Get the most from your telephone systems.

Can you hear me now? Good. Did you know there are three main forms of communication: verbal, nonverbal and visual. And for the longest time, we’ve mainly relied on verbal discussions both personally and professionally. But over the last 20 years, we’ve seen a shift in how we use our professional communication. Instead of phone […]

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What’s the best security for your business?

  When you started your business, you didn’t do it to worry about the security of your data. Or to maintain files. Or your client’s data. No – you did it so you could focus on what you do best. Maintaining security is a whole other can of worms unto itself. And trying to decide […]

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The importance of data security. It’s not an if, but a when.

Time for a pop quiz. What one thing does every business consider to be priceless? Did you guess data? Great job! – and stop reading ahead. No matter how your company utilizes data, there’s no denying that its protection is vital. And while technology is the core of many companies, it’s also just like any […]

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