Our Story

We started Technology Plus in 1995 because we saw the need for personalized service when it came to implementing computers in the workforce. Very early on, we saw the trend of computers changing the way we approached both work and personal challenges. We knew the one thing missing was a seamless way of integrating these computers into the home and workplace. As the world of technology developed, our company continued to grow alongside it.  This growth has taken us from a small break/fix company to a full service technology solutions provider.  We are more than just your outsourced I.T. Department, we are a Managed Service Provider as well as your Telecom, Cabling, Security & Audio/Visual vendors.  The biggest challenge business face is how to coordinate multiple technology vendors in an ever changing industry.  Technology Plus has developed the team and products needed to provide a seamless solution.

A Word from our President, Sue Ledford

“What can we say about 2020?  It’s the best of times, It’s the worst of times.  Our focus must remain on moving the needle in the right direction.  Embracing change is necessary to create new opportunities.  We will continue to build upon and care for our team, learn from our customers by continuing to seek both positive feedback and constructive criticism, optimize our products and services, improve upon our customer’s experience and stay true to why be started our business in 1995.  The goal remains the same…to deliver personalized service while implementing the technology solution needs of those we serve.   We see the challenges of these recent times as opportunities and Blessings.  We are grateful for all who have been and remain an important part of our journey as we seek to finish our 26th year of business strong and excited for what the future holds.”

We’ve worked hard for what we’ve earned.

Technology Plus has been serving our customers and our community Since 1995.  We enjoy what we do and are excited to be a part of this community!  Thank you to every customer that trusts us with your technology needs and thank you to all the great organizations that help move our business community forward.

We’re always looking for good people.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  At Technology Plus, we know the secret to having Great customers and growth, is our TEAM of Great employees!  If you ore someone you know would make a great addition to our team, please use the links below and send them our way.  Technology is ever changing and constantly growing and so must our team.  We are dedicated to bringing only the best products & service to our customers.

The future of Technology Plus

In a world that has experienced so much change in the last year, technology, has proven to be the tie that binds.  During a pandemic when business are being forced to shutdown their physical presence, technology has allowed us to continue working virtually.  Mobile devices, Hosted IP Telephones, Webcams, Wireless Thermometers, Heat sensing cameras and high speed Internet connections have allowed our workforce to not only continue working but in many ways, be more efficient in the collaboration and delivery of our services.  Since 1995, we have learned that the one certain with technology, is that it will continue to evolve to meet our needs.  Technology Plus will continue to change along with it to ensure that our customers continue to have the solutions they need to compete in the workplace.

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