Communications Cabling

Communications Cabling

Complete technology solutions start with a solid infrastructure, and we provide that at Technology Plus. Our cabling department works with our commercial customers from the start during the design and construction phases of your space and continues through the procurement and installation of equipment. We provide security cameras for internal and external use and viewing as well as audio visual solutions for TVs. Beyond that, we’ll be there for any ongoing I.T. support you may need. Because our team has gained invaluable experience through working with business owners, architects, developers and more, we understand that each piece of the I.T. Solution is only as good as the infrastructure on which it functions. Technology Plus is Industry and Manufacturer Certified, which means we can offer a 15+ year warranty on all our cabling infrastructure projects. We provide optimal cabling structure for:

  • Data networks
  • Telephone Systems
  • Audio / Visual
  • Security Cameras
  • Access Control Systems
  • Building Automation


Technology plus provides both fiber and copper cabling. Fiber cabling is the ideal choice for you when your company is transmitting data at a greater distance and a higher rate. Fiber optic signals are actually made of light, which means minimal signal loss during transmission and the ability for data to move at increased speeds. Copper cabling can be an excellent and inexpensive alternative to fiber optic cabling when the information being processed is travelling a shorter distance and at a less-frequent rate.


Our team is able to install interior and exterior security cameras for your business that can be viewed live as well as capture footage in a variety of formats. Ensure that your business remains safe and secure with our ongoing I.T. support and quality installation. In addition to camera installation, our cabling department is able to meet any audio/visual needs you may have, including monitors to effectively view footage.


We’re able to provide the best audio/visual solutions for your commercial business, whether you need a TV installed on the wall or a projector installed on the ceiling. Our cabling department can install small appliances such as webcams or any size audio solution, from an individual speaker to complete surround sound. Our team is also able to develop and initiate distributed audio as well as microphones for stages or church worship centers and much more!


By providing optimal cabling, camera, and audio/visual solutions, we’re able to ensure that the technology that you rely on daily is always running at its prime. In addition to cabling, our team installs equipment in each of these three areas. The cabling for each being secure and supported and visually appealing while meeting all current electrical codes. Our engineers ensure safety, support, and efficient cable organization.

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