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When Zanzabar decided to partner with Technology Plus, it was already evident that the company’s priority was efficient, quality service and operation. Zanzabar was established in 1938, and since then has been evolving to meet the needs of their customers and employees. Technology now plays a vital role in Zanzabar’s daily operations, and we knew how vital it would be for their business to be founded on the correct infrastructure that could handle any current technology while leaving room for future growth.

It was clear that Zanzabar had been installed before the era of managed technology. The problem became the company’s outdated ad-hoc setup, which was not the prime solution for their growing needs. We were quickly able to identify the facility’s room for growth and optimal technology solutions. Technology Plus is committed to providing services that make the most sense for your company’s needs and to always being a reliable partner for quickly troubleshooting any problems that arise.

Our Mission:
Streamline the cabling, devices and functionality that were previously installed, and make the network manageable and easily expandable.

Mismatched cabling infrastructure which was terminated in multiple places.
Active technology in use 7 days a week without the possibility of downtime.
Old building with multiple expansion areas with little way to hide cabling.
Building in redundancy to decrease downtime.
Integrating stage lighting system, audio/visual and data networks together into one manageable system.
Old style building electrical system with today’s technology power needs.

We removed all modems, router, network switches, splitters, switches, etc. from underneath the bar area and relocated them to a space designated to a managed network infrastructure.

First, we installed all new voice/data & audio visual cabling from existing devices to a new designated location in addition to terminating, testing and labeling all cabling.
Once we had a solid, manageable cabling solution, we were able to install new network switches that were capable of handling the bandwidth needs of existing and future devices.
We also installed redundant carrier circuits to ensure uptime and installed proper firewalls to protect the internal devices from external threats.
Lastly, we relocated the remaining devices from underneath the bar to an organized layout in one single space for easy maintenance and manageability.

Our partnership resulted in an infrastructure that is now easy to manage and that has the capability to properly grow with the company’s needs.

Related Staff

Kevin Bisig

Director of Communications Cabling

Kenny Meyer

Systems Installer

Nick Ledford

Project Manager

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