Rabbit Hole Distillery Case Study

Project Description

Project Description

Our team joined Rabbit Hole Distillery once construction of their new facility was underway. At that time, the electricians working the site were also installing low-voltage cabling for the technology that they expected to use for operation. We were initially hired to install indoor and outdoor security cameras, but once we were engaged with the design team and owner, they became aware of the complete solutions offered by Technology Plus. From there, we were able to complete the design and installation of the structured cabling solution in order to support all technology that would be used by the facility: a security system, voice/data network, telephone system, audio/visual components, and production controls for the bourbon processes.

Services Provided

  • Planning Connectivity

The first challenge for the construction of a new facility in an old environment is ensuring that the correct technology circuits are brought into the building by the correct carriers, and that they’re able to properly support the technology needs within. To overcome this challenge, we partnered with Ecomtek, a local telecom company. Together, determined the current and potential needs of our customer and worked with carriers to provide sufficient service at competitive rates.

  • Structured Cabling

In order to share the use of technology across one campus-wide network, we utilized CAT6 horizontal cabling, Fiber and 25 pair backbone cabling in (1) MDF and (3) IDF’s across 3 separate buildings on the campus.

  • I.T. Systems

We installed Cisco products for both wired and wireless communications of all devices across the network. Managed Switches in the MDF & IDF’s allow us to properly manage information traffic so that all devices communicate properly, and a Hewlett-Packard virtualized server is at the heart of storage and user security, which controls all data on the network. We provided new HP desktops for the workstations as well as the integration of their existing wired and wireless desktops/tablets. Now, all technology including the gift shop POS systems, front desk registration services, wireless tablets, production computers, and all devices used during Rabbit Hole’s daily operation work together on a secured network. In addition, we installed Cisco Meraki wireless mesh across the entire campus, ensuring that visitors can easily stay connected while touring or attending events at the distillery.

  • Telcom

The Vice President of Technology Plus, Carson Ledford, says that “failure to communicate with today’s technology is unacceptable.” Whether it is communicating internally with employees or externally with vendors, partners and customers, efficient communication is imperative to smoothly running operations in any industry.  To meet the needs of Rabbit Hole, we installed an NEC SV9100 telephone system to allow for the most efficient communications. This system allows for the blended use of digital and VOIP technology so that cost could be contained where appropriate and functionality utilized where needed. This system covers Rabbit Hole’s current needs while also allowing room for future expansion.

  • Security

Protecting their investment from vandals on the outside as well as controlling behaviors on the inside of the building were key concerns for this customer. To ensure the best safety, we installed a Speco CCTV / Security Camera System both inside and out across the entire campus. This system consists of over 34 cameras (many of which have pan, tilt, and zoom functionality for interactive usage) and 24TB of data storage.

Additional Services and Support

At Technology Plus, we know that simply installing the correct infrastructure and technology components isn’t enough. In an industry that’s constantly changing, it’s imperative that the correct management and updates are carried out to ensure continued proper functionality of all technology. Timely support is also crucial to minimizing disruptions when something goes wrong. These are our areas of specialty. Technology Plus has been providing I.T. related services since 1995, and we’ve maintained a proven track record of keeping our customers operating at top performance while leveraging the ever-increasing power of technology within their business.

We are proud of the partnership that Technology Plus has formed with Rabbit Hole Distillery and look forward to many years of providing professional, prompt and cost effective service to them.

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