McNeil Elementary – Bowling Green KY

McNeil Elementary School partnered with Technology Plus during cosmetic and mechanical renovations that included the addition of a Media Center. This project included gutting the school’s outdated CAT3 and CAT5 communications cabling infrastructure before replacing it all with the latest CAT6 & Fiber Optic cabling. This infrastructure replacement was a necessity in order to support the new technology requirements. McNeil Elementary is a single story, multi-wing facility originally built in the 1960s, which provided us with two major challenges during the project.

The Problem

The first challenge was installing up-to-date technology in an older building that was not designed to accommodate the infrastructure. There was limited space above ceilings, and the transitions between wings of the building and electrical cabling were simply not sufficient. These factors each added to our second challenge, which was timing. Since we were removing all of the school’s technology equipment, cabling infrastructure, telephone systems, and electronics, summer break was the client’s only availability. We were quick to accommodate their needs by beginning demolition on the same afternoon as the last day of school, and we worked closely with the architects, general contractors, and in-house I.T. department to coordinate our construction schedules with the installation of new systems.

The Solution

Once all of our work was completed, we tested the equipment, and the building was ready four days before the first day of school the following fall. Ultimately, we had installed all new 18” wide cable trays, CAT6 cabling for use with voice and data networks within the building, and fiber optic backbone cabling to connect the server room to the common telecommunication closet. We expanded the server room to accommodate the cabling infrastructure, server, switching, and power needs of the equipment being used by the school. We also installed audio/visual cables to support interactive boards used in classrooms along with DMARC extensions to support the incoming voice circuits. The job consisted of all Ortronics brand components, which allowed our client to own a 20-year warranty on the school’s new cabling infrastructure. We proudly met all industry standard safety requirements throughout the project.

Structured Cabling

At Technology+, we understand that a solid infrastructure is the foundation of comprehensive technology solutions. That’s why our structured cabling department plays a vital role in creating a reliable network environment. From the early stages of design and construction to equipment procurement and installation, our team collaborates closely with our commercial customers to ensure a seamless implementation of structured cabling. Our expertise extends beyond cabling to encompass various components essential to your business operations.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including the installation of structured cabling for data networks, telephone systems, audio/visual setups, security cameras, access control systems, and building automation. Our experienced team has worked with business owners, architects, and developers, gaining valuable insights into the importance of a well-designed infrastructure. At Technology+, we are an authorized Ortronics solutions provider for cabling and employ BICSI Certified installers & technicians. We provide an impressive 15+ year warranty on all our cabling infrastructure projects and with our optimal structured cabling solutions, you can be confident that your technology systems will operate smoothly, supporting seamless communication and efficient business processes.

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